Technology Stagnation

Sitting in a southern Ontario university lecture hall or yet another representation of the same essential Starbucks
And wondering if it’s better to live closer to the land or
to enjoy the multiplying conveniences of technology stagnation
Dreaming of sleeping through exams and labyrinthine passagescan’tfindmyclass
when the dreams used to be running through sacred dark forests where the animals help you on your journey
The streetlight floating orbs speckle our journey along the 401
suspended through the caked salt stains
We drift on wheels catatonic numb and moving at our inhuman speeds
while the fields of smokestacks dilute into the cabs of transport trucks
The oncoming headlights ebb and flow in their repetitive nauseating train
Fresh slews of creams and powders and v-necks stitched in
an anonymous mechanical daydream
when beach burned and dirt smudged used to be your ubiquitous garb and no one seemed to mind
but now you are clean and reliable and reachable through as many means of
buttons and screens
the pounding and the pixels replace the song of your voice
the breath of the soil
the root of your roots


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