Clear Skies

He keeps me out of that dark place
that I gravitate towards
Staying up 'til 5, sleeping in 'til 2
His wholeness keeps me out of melancholy


These Guys..

These guys are all pathetic
and love to drunk text when depressed
Parents stopped coming to their shows
ages ago
No one wants to hear their shitty metal band anymore
tired of their justifications for dropping out of high school
and why they're not addicted
(while they smoke a bong)
Working at some fast food joint - or construction for the summer
Unleashed mania on their girlfriends,
who got tired and gave up
When really, their issues aren't issues
They're really not fucked up
They're just stuck.


A Contemplation

An alabaster Chevy soaked white hand on
A darling newglass windowframe

Lines too good to remember
The mind makes protest through twitching fingers to the body
Don't fall asleep
Art and teenaged girls
A transcendence
An alabaster Chevy heavy tentative hand on
A condensating newglass windowframe
Lines too far to remember
A heavy mind makes for twitching limbs, a body in limbo
Walking out to an overpass to
feel the breeze
with your feet
A lightswitch on forehead
Reach up, switch off, and go to bed.
Art and a sleeping partner
A contemplation

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.