Waiting Room

It's a pain that rips you in half
down the middle
That makes your ankles bend
That makes your legs shake
Your thighs twitch
I don't know what I would do without you



Canada, Part XI

It is in the desolation
Swamp trees sucked dry
The ice ghost birch in rapid glimmer
White pines' upper most branches grasp the snow gray skies
Scan the cracked bones for signs of life
for herons




I'm too tired
to take for granted
The way we get our food
The transport trucks and drive thru
The old men with long hair at bus stops
in florescent windbreakers
The way we sleep together every night
Group work and niceties
Grocery shopping and interac and another cashier
Does it startle you?




Girls with LOVE somewhere in their profile pictures
     drawn in the sand
Guys and pictures of snowmobiles
Pictures of drunk
and drunk
and leopard print bras and drunk
snowboarding and resort trips
smiling in every picture
Boyfriend and Girlfriend
basic and framed
Her interests are Live, Love, Laugh
His interests are Interested in Women
and home address
This new breed of norm
Terrifyingly simple
He talks too much, she cries too little



Gold sunset on violet clouds
buildings silver
and sliver
a laughing skyline
Cranes suspend the 
glowing dashboards
and falling dominoes of break lights down Bloor

Rejoicing as pedestrian 
and piteously smiling at the angry
clogged streets 
of a patchwork city
A succulent chaos of Gothic and
Modernist and
the sleek, robotic Eaton Centre 
Finally feeling as though there is a place
as confused as I am 


The Routine

Scratch your bites until they scab

Keep calling back again and again

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.