Please Acknowledge

To arrange the unspoken events and render them artistic

Oh, thank God we could get this scheduled before your first day of classes.
We won't let you be there alone, you've been alone for two days.
I should have come home.

To arrange the forgotten events, so eager to move on, and make them meaningful

Well, you should have called it a procedure, call it anything but that.
Crying in a second-stage waiting room, IV inserted
This will take the edge off, make you more brave.

To assemble the heaps of pieces, which, as a whole, are too much to bear

Pity and quiet family visits, awkward bringing the nephews over
Let's play cards



Your snores
A soft motor
that tells me you're resting
that tells me it's safe



Display tables brushed by
Those who speak, speak too loud
about nothing
A glistening crow bathes in spring ice water

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.