Tyler Durden

A set of purple clouds
to frame the lightning forks
Sitting in plastic chairs on concrete balcony
grasp the metal railing
Born in 1989
we pray for fire
These five floors would collapse on us
I would dive for that tree
I would kiss you and cry
How awful, she says, that would be to die
crushed by the building
or by flood or wind
Slouching copper
we absorb the shock
wired to the ground
we dig at our scalps
refresh the browser
we pray for fire



Drunk singing
carries to the fourth floor
can't sleep with the window closed
or the blanket on
Shelves wait to be assembled
piles of books in order
The blinds cracked with paint
A shawl meant to be a seat cover
crumpled and failed
Posters leaned against walls
the nails carved out the drywall
The jade plant has mites
The spice jars empty
I can make you pop tarts 




A family of truth-tellers
who pride themselves on being right
but not outrightly so
It is necessary to hide your triumph
for show



I'd never taken a picture of me and you
I could never see myself with you



Stationary in a carousel
a thousand tiny mirrors refract myself
A hat you once told me looked silly
sits in dust behind my drawers 
I only know myself through all of you


Good Luck, Take Care, Godspeed

We'll never be buddies, no

But I stretch my hands out, palms out
face down
I hope you're happy
I'm happy
All the best
Good vibes
and positivity
all the past
Hands out, palms out
face down


You Lost Me

It's like beautiful arty girls in scarves with dangling earrings
Sommmething, something
Something nearly, or overly?
an angry 
Was it a line about love? 
And the angry was to describe a silly object running parallel?
I had suddenly thought of the Old Mill my dad took me for ice cream
The Old Mill's gone - but does this have a point with the line?
Nearly had sounded awkward in the middle of the sentence, 
so it was something something, nearly. 
Or overly?
Was it something with British students and their way
Angry boxes, angry plates or throngs of things I'm thinking of - 
that don't distract the speaker 
He had nearly hurt himself, or rather, hurt himself, nearly
Not by angry mobs 
He was happy, this was about love, and the throngs did not dissuade him. 
But it had lead to thoughts of beautiful arty girls with peacock earrings 
Did it then start from the hospital?
The angry pavement did not dissuade him, nearly. Overly? No. 
Was it an explanation to a professor?
The angry something was a metaphor, that much is clear. 
The nearly or overly doesn't matter because it wouldn't fit properly 
What was in the middle then?
That Mill keeps popping up
Coming across a page and highlight a line. Then slowly fill the margins and spaces 
with yellow. Staring now at your bright yellow page, 
you search for the word that first intrigued you. 
The more I stuff the scarves into my head, the more the other words, 
left at the battelines, fade away

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.