Black Swan

Rip your eyebrows off your face
food is poison
Clip your nails to your knuckle
shot shot shot
buy me a drink
Bleach your ass until it burns
holy god I’m covered in scum
seven eight nine steps to avoid razor burn
billboard airbrush fucker disgust
Slice your hips and shear the fat
mantra mantra
Paint your face until it’s gone
Track your progress on your YouTube channel



Business Casual

All these plastic bodies with their heads lobbed off
so you can imagine yourself in their place
You can't buy just the one
Have to have a set
Now you'll have something to match
something to wear
Now you'll have something comfortable
Now you're some thing, worthwhile
Let's get that conversion up
Our average dollar is sucking

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.