Too Much Wordsworth

The yellow trees that turn and jut from between the townhouses
from between the tarped swimming pools and overcoats
and long boots

Driving in Southern Ontario to the artists' studios 
Pack up, inhale the creative moisture at each stop
release it on the road
take some photos 
Hold the nephew's hand as we navigate the pioneer village
"Are you sure you're warm enough?"
"Let's have some cedar tea."
"I used to come here when I was little, too."

What strikes the tired eye 
is now the 
Working on Thanksgiving Weekend
    we'll tour the studios next year
and the gift shop at the museum
is kind of racist
    Aboriginal trinkets made in China

But as I stand here with you at our apartment window,
as the leaves make their mess on the parallel streets, 
You tell me about this one nice time
you caught a leaf and made a wish

"You know, you can make tea out of cedar"



Benjamin said...

Beautiful. I can smell Autumn.

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