Walks with Wendy

A judicious slice
of ramen striped across
a screeching pan
A shared bottle of vodka/Pepsi
(mostly vodka)
on a sidewalk current
downtown to the
park where hobos sleep
where we can reach out
to the longest pier
and breathe with wind
windowless but for
an aimless suburban pathway
to water
just bring me to a piece of
water beyond the puddle
that belches from green
manhole covers
I’ve burned myself on
a screaming tarscape



A Deep Forest Debate

Follow the rhythmic footsteps of Dad
see if I can look up without falling over
to catch a staggered glimpse of
squirrels rush dangling in treetops
scurrying icicles

Plodding down a snowy isle
toward a twisted hardwood altar
to be handed respite without question or barter

Ghost of Grandfather trods behind
a taste of Coca-Cola and kielbasa on rye
He shouts that the land was meant to be
tilled and not
Though he bends
as a rusty crane over
a patch of strawberries
picks from a raspberry bush and says
“Eat” with smiling eyes
A red and juicy Eucharist
For a life of poverty sings,
“Feed above all else”

Dad looks back
pauses and

Now full

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.