A Deep Forest Debate

Follow the rhythmic footsteps of Dad
see if I can look up without falling over
to catch a staggered glimpse of
squirrels rush dangling in treetops
scurrying icicles

Plodding down a snowy isle
toward a twisted hardwood altar
to be handed respite without question or barter

Ghost of Grandfather trods behind
a taste of Coca-Cola and kielbasa on rye
He shouts that the land was meant to be
tilled and not
Though he bends
as a rusty crane over
a patch of strawberries
picks from a raspberry bush and says
“Eat” with smiling eyes
A red and juicy Eucharist
For a life of poverty sings,
“Feed above all else”

Dad looks back
pauses and

Now full



Taylor said...

This is beautiful.

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