Letter to the Editor

Don't ever let them write love poetry for you
about moonlight or softness 
about holiness or 
damn girl, 
your sweet, sweet curves 

Don't let them pontificate on 
mapping the blueprints of your lips 
and for God Sakes, if they talk about your 
just smack them 

Also, don't let them quote at you 
when they've gotten lazy 
(unless it's Al Purdy and you're 
around a campfire 
then maybe 
a blowjob is in order) 

Refuse that sexy verse 
even if it really flatters your legs 
or that dip in your clavicle you've 
always fancied 
And even if it's delicious to hear 
"Hold on, let me grab my pen"
as he stretches from your 
crummy hotel bed 

But, seriously, don't let them 
insert themselves 
when they're writing from 
brazen insecurity 
It'll just leave you feeling like a 
literary harlot 
thumbing for a ride 
as you stumble through their pages

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.