Lost Translations

Does the city you're in 
reek of me 
Do you tread the pavement 
wondering if my footsteps 
haunt the road that 
stretches between crosswalks 
Do my footprints linger
like shallow imprints made 
on poured fresh concrete 
Do you trace them 
First like shadows then 
like wading through snow that 
reaches your hips 
each step pulling 
longing agony 
Do you wax poetic on 
my thighs spreading with 
the divide that opens Elgin into 
Rideau and Confederation 
A war memorial erected at 
my tangled centre 
that wrenches the two streets apart 
thinking of sacrifice 
thinking of resistance and 
put to one side 

Or do you drift unencumbered 
A cruise boat setting off 
drinking tea and purchasing snack bar crisps 
Does your desire flow 
bursting and transient 
with the water of the canal 
that marks this heaving 
diplomatic city 

Copyright © a contemplation (Emily Jones) 2013. All rights reserved.