Side Step

He was growing in
side me
I felt his elbow jab
my diaphragm I
t breathe as his
tender foot punctured a
collapsing lung
I needed him
evacuated sucked
dry me quietly weeping on
a stretcher covered
in paper
Where is my mother?
Am I mother now?
When does the title
begin and
when does it trail off
As the wheels of the gurney
glide toward engine room
As the forgiving eyes of
young nurse ask you to count
from ten
When does m/otherhood end
When is my body mine
alone again
Can I go home and
light a candle now
shaken relieved mourning
a forgotten cell
dank and multiplying
like virus
reeling of you
reeking of an
unfetchable loss
Grant Me Mercy
I am fucking free again



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